Small Sharings 

Next Contemplative Prayer

Sunday, August 28, 4:00 PM
Peace Lutheran Church, Conference Room
1147 S Walnut Ave

Marianne shares the brief meditative reading.

Special Offerings

New Ecumenical Study Group for Spiritual Growth


Beginning August 31, then First and Third Wednesdays, 3:30 - 4:30 PM
Opportunities Room, EdenHill Communities, 631 Lakeview Blvd

Please read the Prelude and Chapter 1 for discussion at the August 31st meeting:
Proverbs of Ashes: Violence, Redemptive Suffering, and the Search for What Saves Us
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The ART of Worship

August 22 and 29 and September 5, Monday Evenings, 7:00 - 8:30 PM
Conference Room, Peace Lutheran Church, 1147 S Walnut Ave

Explore the use of creativity in both individual and collective worship with Worship/Music Coordinator
Marianne Gould. Experience scripture through visual, auditory, tactile and other senses in this hands-on,
activity based offering.

Prayer Schedule


We sit together in silence. When someone brings a reading to share, particpants hear the reading twice, sit in silence, and then hear the reading again. At the end of the reading, they choose individually to leave in silence or to remain to discuss the reading. After discussion of the reading, particpants choose individually to leave or to stay to discuss the current book.

Study Following Prayer

We will decide in the summerr about whether we want to study together in the fall.

Particpants read the scheduled chapters ahead of time and come prepared to share words and phrases which caught their attention, which they especially appreciate, which they have questions about, which they disagree with, which they want to hear others' opinions about… The discussion is informal with no leader and all have opportunities to speak.

The Welcoming ProjectQuestions?

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